L5 certified 4 seater (3+1) passenger auto.

Model VEGA4
Length (mm) 2480
Width (mm) 1400
Height (mm) 1800
GVW (Kg) 1180
Max Speed (kph) 45
Range with standard battery configuration (Km) 120
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The VEGA4 (V4) is a high-performance Electric Vehicle (EV) designed and purpose built for CLEAN and QUIET passenger and small goods services. ICAT L5M certified for 3 Passengers + Driver. The V4 premium safety features, including reinforced steel chassis, industry leading 12″ wheels, front disk brakes, passenger and driver seatbelts, and telemetry as standard equipment. The sophisticated electrical system includes high-efficiency 3kW PMSM motor, regenerative braking, the option for high-quality LFP fixed batteries or high-quality and long-life lead-acid EV fixed batteries, and the industry’s only RUGGEDFLEX™ ultra-high-efficiency solar panels enabling a standard range of 80 – 150km on a single charge (depending on battery configuration). Option for factory-direct vehicle purchase or lease along with monthly battery rental and 3-years bumper-to-bumper service plan.